Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This is better?

Remember this?

For a few shining hours lolBlizzard was the new lolSony (replaced most recently by lolMicrosoft). None of this ill will had anything to do with the way the game played and everything with not being able to actually play it. I stopped paying attention when it stopped being funny because I wasn't going to get to play it for a long, long time.

Console Diablo 3 has arrived and I think I understand a little more of the internet grumbling that stuck around long after the server issues were fixed. I have read that the console version is superior to its PC brother in most ways but how it looks is certainly not one of them. The art is excellent, it's Blizzard, but everything from the environments to the monsters lack detail. I almost wish I put this off for a few more months to play the PS4 version to see things the way they originally were.

There is also no freedom in how your character levels. In Diablo 2 and just about every other Diablo clone the player chooses what to put points into when a level is gained. I took the lazy route and beefed up all my passive skills but at least if the character ended up broken it was my fault. There is no upgrade tree in Diablo 3. The character move along a predetermined path and all I can do is choose which skills to use. Instead of picking a favorite and maxing it out I am forced to see skills I don't use steal resources that I would use elsewhere. It keeps things simple but it also robs the player of ownership. This isn't my monk, it the monk that Blizzard designed.

It's still fun and will mercilessly devour time, it's Blizzard, but it makes me wish that Iron Lore was still around so I could get the sequel to Titan Quest that I have always wanted. 

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