Friday, September 27, 2013

Weirdly boring

Being weird not enough to hold my interest. There has to be more going on. Take Bayonetta, for example. I did not really like the character all the much and the story was a mess but only a fool could sit down with that game and not have a great time. Grasshopper Manufacture has successfully straddled that line before: Killer7 was not a game easily forgotten, though that had story and writing in its corner instead of rock solid combat. Killer is Dead is definitely weird, not to mention a little disconcerting in its misogyny, but there is nothing else there.

Combat is both simple and annoying. Most attacks boil down to mashing X but most enemies don't suffer from any hit stun. Mondo hits them over and over and they just attack back whenever they feel like it. Our hero does not have the same advantage. Hell, he can't even interrupt his own attacks, leaving him stuck in odd positions after a missed swing. Swinging between too easy and impossible is not much fun.

Not impressed so far and there is not much left to change my mind. Taking out the optional side quests that are just walking through old levels again and the gigolo missions that make me quite uncomfortable I may be able to knock it out in two days and then never think about it again.


Canada Cup is this weekend but most of the matches are during the day when I can't watch. Canadians need to learn to stay up later.

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