Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bat who?

I started playing Arkham Origins two days ago. Last night was filled up by rock climbing (poorly, I might add..) so I did not get a second shot at improving my first impression. I have a few irrational complaints. Same as it ever was.

1. Not getting Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman is a sin against God and man and cannot be overlooked, much less forgiven. The jamoke that got to stand in does a reasonable job but it just is not the same. Every time Batman speaks I wonder who the hell it is.

2. Each progressive Arkham game has gotten less linear and more open. Arkham Origins is too open. There is too much to do out of the gate. A little bit of a push towards the initial confrontation with the Penguin would have been a good thing. Instead of that I spent the first three hours of the game wandering around the city collecting bits of Enigma junk in a very un-Batman like fashion. By the way, putting things on the map that you cannot actually get yet is just evil.

3. Enemy power is inconsistent with previous games. It is interesting to have everyone including the good guys run away from Batman because no one knows who or what he is yet. Batman's first run in with Killer Croc is similar but Batman should not be able to take down Croc in a straight up fight. Bats punches him in the head until he falls down. This should not work. I have no doubt they will screw up Bane as well.

/nerd rant over.

Please note that I am not complaining about the absence of the Joker or Mr. Freeze. They had their time in the spotlight and it is time to move on. Falling back on Croc, even as an intro boss, is kind of a drag. Penguin showing up again is just as boring. I really hope the new bad guys can live up to the old ones.

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