Tuesday, October 1, 2013

(looks around) HAW haw

There are guilty pleasure games just the same as there are guilty pleasure movies. For example, I will declare my love boldly for both


and be completely sincere about it. Objectively neither of these are good and I feel just a bit bad about enjoying them as much as I do.

There are guilty pleasures and then there is Deadpool.

High Moon Studios has had a pretty good run of games, each game better than the last. They even possess the rare skill of making a licensed game more than just playable. Enter Deadpool, a Marvel character that I know nothing about beyond his insane level 3 hyper combo from MvC3. He's crazy and he has Wolverine's regenerative abilities, got it. Now give me something that I haven't seen before.

This is where the guilty pleasure bit kicks in: Deadpool is funny. I am laughing at things that I am embarrassed to have laughed it. For example, at the beginning of the game you are given the chance to 'play with Deadpool's junk' in his trashed apartment. There is of course a toilet and you are, of course, given the choice to, well...

God help me, I laughed at that. I laugh at about half of the things he says or does. 50% is a pretty good ratio of funny vs stupid especially when you are shotgunning for laughs as hard as this game is. Hearing Nolan North tell himself to fuck off was worth the price of entry alone.

I fear that this will follow the same path as Killer is Dead, with the gameplay unable to hold its own an invariably dragging down the rest of the game. The difference here is that the cut scenes in Killer is Dead made no sense and the cut scenes in Deadpool make no sense but at least make me laugh.

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  1. I couldn't feel that guilty about Eternal Sonata. It was just so pleasant.