Saturday, October 5, 2013

Opposite ends

Much to catch up on, hence the rare Saturday post.

Deadpool never did sink under the weight of the mediocre combat. It remained amusing until the end, up to and including a fight against several dozen Mister Sinister clones. Again, not being a comic book nerd I have no idea if that is his 'thing' or not but it was a pretty good fight with a funny end.


All it not sunshine and kittens, thought. Notice in the video I embedded that Deadpool is not wielding his swords and pistols. There are in fact around twelve other melee and ranged weapons available. I never touched a single one because the game never game me a reason to. Providing variety only goes so far and it counts for nothing if the best answer is the first one and there is no reason to change.

I spent the entire game dumping points into character traits and my starting weapons. At the end of the game I had all of those maxed out and just enough money left to buy the intro level for all the other weapons. Not only was there no reason to ever change weapons but the in game economy, if that is the word for it, makes it impossible to get any of them to a reasonable level in a single play through.

Two ways to fix this. One, instead of having new weapons as purchasable make them unlock as the game progresses. Two, when they unlock make them part of a puzzle or boss battle so the player touches them at least once and then can decide on his own if it is worth using. Please see the real Ratchet and Clank games, not the off genre experiments, as a perfect example.


Chamberlain: God I am board and GameFly has failed to ship anything in like a week. Let's look at what's new in digital only world.

(A few minutes pass)

Chamberlain: Why is the Playstation store so terrible? What's this? rain? Looks a little artsy fartsy. Let's see if Chance has played it.

Chance: Reviews have been mixed but that actually makes me a little more curious.

(Chamberlain, who is weak and financially irresponsible, buys rain. Three hours pass.)

Chamberlain: Well, that was a waste of time.

rain tries really hard to have the same kind of emotional impact as Brothers or The Unfinished Swan. Short and punchy is not a bad thing. rain is short but it has no impact. There is a boy who chases after a girl who can only be seen in the rain, ends up invisible himself, is chased by monsters, moved from one wet cityscape to the next, finally saving the girl, the end.

On the plus side there is a new take on stealth: the boy can only be seen in the rain so sitting under a roof makes him impossible to find. It is used on an off, always in the same way, so even when the game takes an Ico turn and the girls begins to manipulate the environment it is never very interesting. Environments take a decided Escher turn in the final third, which is cool, but the path is still linear, which is not.

I have been spoiled by Brothers and now expect my short downloadable titles to leave me an emotional wreck at the end. rain had me wishing I waited for it to be on sale.

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  1. I feel the PlayStation Store is so terrible because they tried to make it like the 360 store dashboard. Bleugh.