Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The coldest shoulder

Lost Planet 3 deserves a wrap up post. It is honestly one of the better generic shooters that I have played in a while. The one conceit that I must allow is that it really is not a Lost Planet game. Then again Lost Planet 2 wasn't really a Lost Planet game, either, so this franchise was already in name only. Generic shooter that takes place on a living ice planet featuring grappling hooks and a giant mech will suffice.

All of the standard action game tropes are here. There is a bug world of sorts, weapons to upgrade, areas that are inaccessible until the correct power up is obtained. There are giant monsters with glowing vulnerable areas. There are even, and to be consistent I must complain about this, quite a few quick time events. Lost Planet 3 commits the familiar cardinal sin of ending the game with the mashing up a button, something that I will not ever condone, but everything up to that point was pretty good.

I already talked about how much I like the every man main character. He goes through his arc and dies at the end like any good hero should. There is one moment where he chooses to protect the planet and its living core at the expense of the entire human race on Earth which is a bit hard to swallow. In his defense the only guy representing the Earth was kind of a dick and was trying to kill him at the time. This decision actually fits the character: he sees what is in front of him and does what he thinks is best.

And in a wonderfully tragic final move he kills the bad guy and kills the monster living inside the planet that he was trying to protect, thereby dooming his family and friends to and even more difficult existence.

The mechs in this Lost Planet are few and far between. Two of them are giant lumbering beasts with no weapons. There are utility rigs, not combat machines, so the best they have to defend themselves is a drill for an arm and a stiff right cross. It is not until the final battle that a real combat mech is seen and the player is forced to fight it on foot.

Inside the heart of the planet while monster antibodies tried to help. It was a good battle.

Lost Planet 3 hit most of my soft spots so I enjoyed it but cannot really recommend it, not when there are games of actual quality floating around. Games like Rayman Legends that don't rely on quick time events for for the climax.

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