Thursday, October 31, 2013

The flying mouse

Last night I finally stopped playing caped janitor, collecting every bit of junk that I could get my hands on, and played caped crusader. It was much better but it still didn't feel quite right. The best way I can think of to explain it is that the first two Arkham games were excellent Batman games first, adventure games second. This time around the Batman-ness has taken a back seat to larger areas and fighting more enemies at the same time. It's still good, it just doesn't make me feel like Batman anymore. I feel like Sam Fischer in a cape.

Or maybe even this guy.
It's feels odd to complain about how a game feels when all of the mechanics are exactly like the better previous games because I am not sure how to fix it. Getting the right voice for Batman would certainly help but I will give Splash Damage the benefit of the doubt and assume that Kevin Conroy was either busy or just didn't need any more money. This is supposed to be Batman at the very beginning of his career but he doesn't act any different than previous, or I supposed subsequent, versions. Seeing him vulnerable, weak, still learning would have been an interesting twist. Instead he starts out with all of the weapons that he had previously earned.

Splash Damage was afraid to take that big risk: to make Batman almost unrecognizable by starting him out as a guy in a suit instead of the dark knight. This is not an Origin story, it is full fledged Batman transported back in time because no one wants to make the player feel weak. It is a missed opportunity is what it really is.

Speaking of missed opportunities, why was money spent on a new Heavenly Sword game when the PS4 is dying for exclusive launch titles?

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