Friday, October 18, 2013

The worst

Castle Rock is still the greatest thing. But this -

That is one of the worst.

Rayman Origins has an excellent 'hidden' final level. Rescue all of the teensies in the normal levels and a final, incredibly difficult area was unlocked along with the best boss fight in the game. I remembered this for Legends and was extra diligent with my teenie rescuing. The credit rolled, a final door unlocked, and I was excited.

Area one was very much like the final section Origins. The next five areas are nothing more than the previous music stages with the visuals obfuscated in some way. Castle Rock is a fish eye lens. The next level covers the screen with snow at critical moments and I have not had the stomach to move on from there.

Chance speaks the truth, this is not a joke.

Why would you got through the extraordinary effort to make a game that looks as good as Legends and then pull this shit? It was fun but now I am done with it. There is no reason to go back and finish off the levels from Origins as there is no final level to unlock, only one more character that I would never use anyway. Rayman Legends started with a bang and ends with a miserable whimper

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