Friday, October 11, 2013

What it isn't

Lost Planet 3 has lost most of its identity. In the first two games heat energy was life, slowly draining when exposed to the impossible cold. Enemies game it up when they died so killing the akrid was less about not letting them kill you and more about actively killing them to stay alive. You were a hunter not a victim. This time around heat energy is nothing more than currency. It is the gil that you use to buy weapons and ammo, nothing more.

The game also make the same 'not Dead Space' move that Dead Space 3 did which creates a game that feels much like another game that didn't feel as much like the first game as it should have. Translation: generic shooter with jumpy moments on a cold plant that occasionally puts you in control of a giant robot with no guns. Rock 'em Sock 'em robots between a mech and giant akrid.

What makes Lost Planet 3 interesting is how the main character is portrayed. He is an absolute everyman. Just a dude trying to find work so he can send money back home to his wife and child. He sends video mail back to her every day. He doesn't question his supervisors orders. He give his colleagues shit but never in a cruel way. He also makes an effort to do what is right just because it is right.

Not playing an anti-hero is refreshing even if the world he inhabits is not.

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