Friday, November 22, 2013


Had two whole viewers for a little while last night. It was oddly stressful: I had no idea who these people were, I was not broadcasting my voice or image, yet someone was watching me die, over and over, in Knack. At least the game is done. I still don't think that it is nearly as bad as it has been made out to be. It's a launch platformer that leaned a little bit on the difficult side.

Tried Warframe. It is just not for me. Playing alone is almost impossible, playing with others is a crap shoot, there is no lock on so trying to engage in melee combat is a fools errand. At the very least I can understand the allure, it is the same thing that sucked me into Phantasy Star Online years and years ago. It is just that right now, with one new console and another on a truck, I don't have the time in invest in that kind of game, especially when I don't really enjoy the combat.

Tonight will belong to Forza 5 and nothing else as Microsoft has not sent me the free code for Killer Instinct that I was promised. It is the highest reviewed game of either launch bunch, and why wouldn't it be, this is not Turn 10's first dance. The only complaint is that there are too few tracks, and that is okay, because I have plenty of other games to play. Assassins Creed IV is also waiting in the wings along with Grand Theft Auto V. That's somewhere between one hundred and and infinite number of hours right there.

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