Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hiding for no reason

Last night I got sidetracked by Splinter Cell Black List's optional levels. There are one note songs, either all stealth or all combat, and in theory they are shorter than the story levels. I say in theory because two stealth levels took me around two and a half hours of retrying. They were absolutely merciless exercises in perfection via repetition. Anyone sees you? Restart. Touch a laser beam? Restart. Attack dog smells you through the door? All restart. At about the one hour mark I paused the game and took a personal inventory. Why was I doing this? It stopped being fun thirty minutes ago.

I was taking the failure personally because the answer was always right there. If I had just waited a few more seconds or hid behind a different wall it would have worked. The stages in which you are encouraged to incapacitate all the enemies are slightly easier but the full on combat area that tasks you with surviving 20 fucking waves of dudes with guns is right out. I doubt that I will be attempting that one again.

It's the same kind of pseudo completionist nonsense that forced me to get all of the Enigma collectibles to appear on the map in Arkham Origins even though I had no intent of collecting them all. There is a limit but until I hit it I must have everything. I want to know what I am missing, maybe?

Anyway, it's time to buckle down and actually get work done on this game. Time is running out. There are PS4 games and controllers on the shelf at Best Buy (but no demo kiosk, which was my whole purpose of stopping there). There are pictures of stacks of PS4s on pallets just waiting to be sold.

Street dates suck. 

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