Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's not that bad, and I am terrible at games

I appear to be having the opposite reaction to Knack as just about everyone else.

'It's repetitive!' and 'It's too hard!' 

Knack being repetitive cannot be denied. There are about two or three environments that have been recycled several times now and the levels themselves are at least twice as long as they need to be. Enemies come in about five stock varieties that are reskinned. Encounters are just varying combinations of the five enemies dumped into a room.

This has been going on for about nine hours now but for some reason I am not tired of it yet. Perhaps the new console shine is brightening up a game that I would otherwise dismiss. Regardless of the reason, I am going to finish Knack, probably tonight, which leads me to the second complaint that I don't quite get. The game doesn't seem that overly hard to me.

There were warning to not play the game on Hard. No problem, I never play games on hard, anyway. On Normal Knack dies in one to two hits, regardless of his size. I think that this disconnect is what bothers people - Knack is suddenly King Kong sized yet he still gets smoked. It can be rationalized away by saying that his enemies grow with him. Instead of fighting over sized beetles he is throwing cars at planes and the planes are firing missiles back. The game doesn't really change; this is not a compliment, adjusting how Knack plays based on his size is a huge missed opportunity, one that could convince people to overlook how hard it is.


PSN issues prevented me from downloading Warframe last night. I would like to give it a try before the giant black box of doom arrives on Friday. Forza and Killer Instinct are going to devour my time, as will Assassins Creed IV. GTA V will just have to wait, perhaps indefinitely.

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