Monday, November 18, 2013

Not so shiny after all

Alright, time to slack off at work because it has been an insane seven hours and there are still a few more to go.

I will admit to be rather annoyed when I could not use my free 30 days of PSN first thing on Friday morning. It is a silly complaint and they had it fixed by the time I got back to the system that evening. The Playstation Network has been playing catch up to Xbox Live since its inception and it appears that it will continue to do so. I will spot them a half a days outage. They still got me the free games that I was promised and I will most likely renew my subscription when the thirty days are over. Cloud syncing of saves automatically is very cool, plus it looks likes a good chunk of the PA fighting game crowd will be making the jump next year.

Now if only my arcade stick worked. It doesn't. Which sucks.

Killzone Shadow Fall is already done and I will forget about it in a few days. Visually it was impressive (for a launch title) but as an entry to an established franchise it was average at best. Killzone games like to offer up maddenly difficult rooms near the end of the game that throw wave after wave of dudes at you. Big, bullet sponge dudes with impeccable aim and infinite ammunition. There are at least two of these in Shadow Fall, and they are really hard, but the not-fun cake is easily taken by a skydiving segment that has you plummeting down from orbit, dodging collapsing buildings. After about fifteen minutes of retries I realized that the invert vertical axis control setting does not hold true for flight controls. It was a separate option.

I am not sure which is worse, the separation of these settings or the fact the section controlled so poorly that I did not even realize that my controls were reversed.

Shadow Fall ends on a downer, which it should, and it teases the next game, which it also should. Not bad, just not new.

The not bad, just new feeling spills over to the rest of the system. Yesterday when I said that the whole experience was akin to upgrading an existing PC with a new video card it was not meant as a negative. This is quite literally more of the same but shinier and with a few new bells and whistles. The interface is very similar and the store is exactly same (which is not good). Sharing photos and streaming video is very cool but they do little to change how I interact with the system. I still have the new console buzz when turning it on but it is tempered because something newer is coming later this week.

Perhaps my bias is showing, but the arrival of the PS4 has made me more excited for the XboxOne. I get all of this plus voice control out of the box? Leaving the camera out of the PS4 package may have been a mistake. Time will tell.


Resogun is the new Geometry Wars. Geometry Wars spawned months of competition after it came out because for months it was the only thing worth playing. Then the post release drought ended and we still played Geometry Wars. Resogun will do the same thing. Months from now, when I am still working through the multiplatform backlog on my Xbox One I will be making time for Resogun. It's that good.


My goodness, Knack is actually pretty good. I described it as this generations Kameo before I had even played it. It turns out that I was correct in all the right ways. More tomorrow after I spend more time with it but I am pleasantly surprised.

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