Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh no! Deep crow!

I am really, really late to the party on this one but declaring Zeboyd Games as geniuses still needs to be done. They have suckered in an admitted graphics whore with an homage to 16 bit RPGs that both pokes fun at and improves upon all of their stereotypes. Add to that layers of Penny Arcade references and I have been thoroughly amused for the last six hours of gameplay.

Let's see if I can describe the combat system in a single run on sentence: Turn based/active time combat with swappable jobs and minimal equipment management with full auto regen at the end of each battle to keep the non-random encounters interesting and right at the edge of what can be beaten. It's beautiful. The leveling system is compressed to the point that levels are gained after almost every fight. The whole game is a 40 hours epic crunched down to 10 or so hours and it is a better game for it.

If that doesn't get you interested then years of Penny Arcade lore will. I have been jealous of the boys for almost as long as they have been doing the strip. This also means that I get most of the references. I say most because they are everywhere. Fighting the deep crow was a treat.

I am a terrible person for not having played this game earlier. My only solace is that I paid full price for it and I hope that some of the money is still finding its way back to Zeboyd. Well done, gentlemen, well done.

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