Sunday, November 17, 2013

Still here

Been a bit busy with, you know, a new console. I will post reaction tomorrow. They are good but not glowing; positive but not without reservation.

A few quick hits:

1. Early PSN sign issues are easily forgiven. It took less than a day to get it sorted out.
2. Killzone Shadow Fall is not as good as Killzone 3. Or Killzone 2. It may not be better than average.
3. Resogun is almost the new Geometry Wars. That is high praise indeed.
4. No one will agree with me on this one, but I am having a hard time warming up to the Dual Shock 4. The handles feel too long and the Options and Share buttons are in an odd place. Also the light on the front of the controller reflects off of the television when I play in the dark, which is all the time.

It's good but it doesn't feel new. Shiny and fast but more of an incremental upgrade, like adding a new video card to an existing computer.

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