Monday, November 4, 2013

That's not funny

It is time to be uncharacteristically fair to a game that I did not really enjoy.

My initial dismissal to a non Mark Hamill Joker was premature. It took a bit for me to warm up to him, but the time he spent venting to and seducing Harley was very good. Spending just a bit of time in The Joker's head and he goes even crazier trying to figure out why Batman didn't let him die was fascinating. It would have been better if I was getting tired if the character.

I am not a comic book nerd. My obsessions are limited to video games and, well, more video games. The only comic books I own are the Knightfall series and everybody has that in a box in their basement. My point is that Batman's rogues gallery is larger than The Joker and Bane. The idea of an entire game set around Black Mask or the Falcone crime family was refreshing. Yes, the origin story of why Joker is obsessed with Batman (and vice versa) is good, but I want new stories with new characters. Give me more Clayface or Two Face or Zsasz. There are dozens of second and third tier villains to choose from and instead we get more of the same.

Which fits because the entire game is more of the same. And I am done being nice.

Technical issues, specifically the game locking up, are unforgivable, especially at the tail end of a console's life cycle. Arkham Origins locked up at least once every single time I played it, to the point that on at least one occasion I had people on my friends list sending me messages, wondering why the hell I was logging on every ten minutes. I do not understand how the game can have issues of this sort when it is literally the same thing as the last one minus all of the love and detail that made the previous game something special.

To give credit where credit it due, Chance said all of this and said it better, though I think that he was a little easy on the game. Yes, in a vacuum, the game is acceptable. Media is never consumed that way - I played Arkham Origins knowing full well that the last game was better and that there were other stories in the Batman universe that hadn't already been beaten to death. There are better open world action games. There are better Batman games.

In other words, I want Batman as a playable character in InFamous: Second Son. Is that too much to ask?

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