Friday, November 29, 2013

The spirit of the season

People wonder why I get grouchy this time of year.

That's why. Yes, those are extreme examples, but not uncommon. There was a story on the 'news' yesterday in which a mother complained about not spending Thanksgiving with her family while standing in line at fucking Walmart. She dragged her daughter along and they ate turkey out of balled up aluminum foil. The kicker was that she was doing this 'for them.'

'I am skipping Thanksgiving so that I can buy more stuff.' In her mind there was nothing wrong with the statement.

I have no special allegiance to the Thanksgiving holiday. It is excuse to eat things that I don't get to eat very often, like homemade pumpkin pie and Young's Double Chocolate Stout. The frenzy that it kicks off, that has been sliding slowly backwards as retailers scrounge for more money, is repulsive. It is almost everything that is wrong with people collected into a box with a nice bow on top. Greed, misplaced priorities, indifference to all those around, it's all right there in line, waiting to knock down the door for clearance loofahs and toasters at 50% off.

Merry Retail-mas, and a happy credit debt year.


Assassins Creed IV make me want to me a pirate. I already fly a jack rackem nine months out of the year on the pole in my yard, perhaps it should never come down.

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