Thursday, December 5, 2013

A preview of the worst

Thanks to Chance's encouragement and the persistent nature of the internet, thank you Google, the New Glarus post is back. There is only one internet, boy and girls, and we are all on it together. Don't put anything out there that you don't want your boss, significant other or mortal enemy to find.


As the remainder of December will be filled with Grand Theft Auto 5 and Lego Marvel once Assassin's Creed IV is done it is time to start thinking about the worst games of the year. Even if something on the list were to magically appear and I somehow found time to play it nothing could compare to this years stinkers. That being said, it has been a very good year for games. Quite a few excellent games, even more middle of the road one that did not offend, and only a few that were painful to finish.

Dark is disqualified for this very reason. Of all the genres stealth is the least tolerant or poor execution. Dark was a bad stealth game. It fought me to a standstill, which does not happen often, and I gave up.

To get the obvious choice out of the way, yes, Ride to Hell: Retribution was one of the worst things I have ever played, but it was so bad that it was almost a joy to play. It was filled with 'did that just happen and was it intended' moments, and I am not just talking about the fully clothed sex scenes. I think that there at least one good open world game set in the world of bikers that could be made. This is just not it.

I did not feel guilty about playing Ride to Hell. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, though... My only exposure to The Walking Dead franchise came at the beginning of the year from the same adventure game that we all played and loved. This was more Walking Dead, right? No, it is a shooter that thought about adding in some survival aspects and chickened out half way through, leaving an anemic experience. I was rooting for the zombies, for Christ sake. At least I knew what their motivation was.

There is also the easy way out and I could add to the dogpile on Aliens: Colonial Marines but I remember that game not being nearly bad as I hoped it would be.

This requires thought. I may also break with tradition and pick a few of my favorites. Quick spoiler: Brothers will make that list.

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