Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A return to form

Street Fighter is a game, remember that one?

Last night, instead of starting Dead Rising 3 or playing Resogun (because me free month of PS+ has expired) I fired of Street Fighter and ran a good long set with someone from PA. It has been months since Blanka and I have taken our bull shit out for a spin. In that span of time people have kept playing, improving, switching characters, even changing games. What they haven't been doing to dealing with shenanigans.

My game was unchanged, nay, improved from the last time I played. I went 5-0 against my opponents Yang, then 2-0 again his Rose, a character that I am historically weak against. Then we played our secondary characters and I lost over and over because I don't really have a secondary character. The connection was iffy which played heavily into my favor but I still get some of the credit. It was nice to get my ball up in someone's face again.

Blanka is getting nothing but buffs in Ultra. Crouching medium kick will link into Ultra 1 as a two frame link instead of a 1 frame link (I think). Upball can be fadc'd giving him a true get out of jail free card for the cost of three bars. Delayed wake up will help him avoid vortex nonsense. My worry is that two of my worst match ups, Rose and Boxer, are both receiving improvements. Boxer players are salivating at his return to Super Turbo status and he was ridiculous in Super Turbo.

This is all months away and will undoubtedly change. Just don't nerf Blanka. He has yet to win a major.


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