Thursday, December 26, 2013

Big, big things

After finishing up Call of Duty: Ghosts there are a few specific things that I would like to say about it. Most of them are *gasp* good.

First, a confession. I actually played two whole rounds of team death match after finishing the campaign. It was not awful. It reminded me ever so briefly of the days of my youth filled with Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty 1. Then I got smoked from across the map by a weapon that must have taken weeks to earn. I can understand the allure, it leverages the same role playing game mechanics that normally suck me right in. The difference here is that I find getting killed by a person infinitely more demoralizing than getting killed by the AI, especially when my only hope of being competitive is to grind for hours on end to earn the better weapon. Yes, I can and did get kills with the starting guns, but the ration of the kills to my deaths was embarrassing.

The final level was Ghosts felt like two different games. On one side there was a running battle through and on top of a suspended train that was exceptional. It was tense it all the right ways and was one of the only things that looked 'next generation.' The whole level was moving in different directions and the frame rate gave no fucks. On the other side was an in space shoot out level that was just as if not more ridiculous than the bits of Moonraker that it ripped off. In a game that goes through significant effort to model dog hair accurately they through physics to the wind and through the player into a zero-g gunfight. It made no sense. Worse still it wasn't much fun.

Then it ended, the bad guy died (he didn't die) and the good guys survived (one was kidnapped and will the bad guy in Ghosts 2).

I didn't come to the Call of Duty party for the plot, I came for the spectacle and I was not disappointed.


Episodic games drive me crazy. It is a good idea but in my opinion for it to work the episodes need to come out relatively close together. No more than a few weeks should separate them. This is why I did not touch Walking Dead until they were all of out why I will not be playing any season two until Fall of 2014. I want to binge on them for five days in a row so I don't forget anything.

The Wolf Among Us went up for free on XBLA yesterday. I played it and am now hooked and really pissed off because I have no idea when the rest of the episodes will be available. Fuckers.

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