Monday, December 16, 2013

Blocky on purpose

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is an excellent game regardless of which system it is played on. The production values on the more recent titles rival that of any 'grown up' game. For example:

Travelers Tales has got their shit together. They can turn out great titles in a short amount of time that appeal to multiple demographics and that can be played in different ways. I will run through the story mode of any Lego game because they are funny, look good, and play well. I avoid all of the hub area unlocking and replaying levels to find all the hidden Stan Lee's because it just doesn't interest me. Where I knocked out the game in three days someone who wanted to do all of that could easily spend a great deal more time on it without getting bored.

The kicker with Marvel is that it is worth playing on the new systems if that is an option. The frame rate never moves regardless of how many bits and pieces of Lego are bouncing around, and there are Knack levels of bits and pieces bouncing around. I cannot wait to see what they do when the game is more than an up-port but we will have to wait years for that to happen. Part of the reason that the games can come out quickly and cleaning is that they are, I would assume, all running on the same engine. Literally building games of of Legos, I suppose.

Not being that much of a comic book person I am sure that there are all sorts of in jokes that I am missing. Hell, I haven't even seen Avengers yet, but Stark walking around with a cup of coffee all the time is funny. Hulk shouting at the Magneto controlled Statue of Liberty 'HULK SMASH GIANT LADY' is funny. Nick Fury making shawarma jokes might be funny. I don't know what shawarma is. Most of it works without a solid knowledge of the source material which is more that can be said for most attempts at game comedy.

I should also mention that following my attempt at GTA V a game that does not take itself serious in any way whatsoever was a breath of fresh air. 

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