Monday, December 2, 2013

Good lord don't read this, I was drunk at the time.

Ah, on the road again. It's been awhile, and as usual it means being separated from my gaming machine of choice and having a beer or three too many before going to bed, so please forgive the rambling nature of the following update.

The Xbox One does not feel at all portable and not just because the thing is huge. It relies so completely upon its internet connection for its overall feel that playing it offline just feels wrong. The PS4 at least functions completely without one, save for streaming, which most people do not take advantage of. Streaming is boring now, as most people are streaming the same things, but when the library expands streaming a game that no one else is playing will at least be interesting to someone.

I just broke the lip of a bottle of New Glarus Imperial Weizen off on a counter-top as I do not have a bottle opener - will let you know if thirty seconds if it was worth it.


It was, and ouch, my lip.

Funny how whenever I have a questionable amount to drink I always listen to Fiona Apple's Tidal album. Memories of college, I suppose.

Gaming! Yes, that is what I am supposed to talk about. Ass Pirates continues to be fun, but only when it is not being an Assassin's Creed game. If I did not know better I would think that the game started out as something else and had the Ass Creed brand forced upon it. Being a pirate is fun. Attacking ships for their cargo and taking seafaring jobs is fun. Tailing two people through a no-fail scenario is not fun, and it keeps interrupting the bits of the game that I actually enjoy.


Blackbeard just died along with the majority of my interest so I am ready for the game to be done.

This Imperial Weizen really is good. Thankfully I do not need to be up for a while. As a consequence of my advanced age I do not metabolize alcohol very well. Translation - I get hangovers very easily. Anyone who has said that they are never hung over? Yeah, I get theirs for them off of half as many drinks.

I am a cheap date.

Gaming! Yes, that is what I supposed to be talking about. It occurs to me that spending $900 on consoles in the space of a week and then lambasting Black Friday shoppers is just a little incongruous. Here is my rebuttal in three parts.

I waited in no lines to get them.
I can afford it.
Fuck you, this is my hobby.

Also it cost me no family time to obtain or use. This is how I fill the hours of my day that have nothing and no one else to occupy. Escapism at its finest, it helps me sleep at night.

This beer would be better if it didn't hurt every time I took a drink. And goddamn, if Fiona doesn't need to eat a cheeseburger, gain thirty pounds, and relax a bit. I miss college, things were simpler then.

Gaming! That is what I am supposed to... Is it really? Is that why I am here? Or am I pandering to an imaginary audience? I have no illusions of readership or actual writing ability. This is an outlet, a way for me to pretend to talk to people who have like interests. The one thing I miss about running a store - I used to be the authority, the go to source for what was good and what should skipped. Now my leisure time is a punch line, something hidden from public view, veiled by my chosen screen name.

New Glarus has some fine brews, though I prefer Black Top to what I am drinking now. It reminds me of the clove cigarettes I used to smoke in bars to piss people off, bars that no longer exist, places that I cannot go back to. Times I cannot revisit. People I no longer know.


The old music plays via a new medium, my memories remain the same.

A worn out orange recliner and 7 and 7's. A lonely hotel room and New Glarus Imperial Weizen. Nothing changes. Is drunken blogging a thing? I have done this before, spilled random thoughts and regrets to a phantom audience, to people that I imagine are reading, hanging on every word. No one cares - the Internet is a cold, indifferent place, and I am recording this for myself to return to at a later date. To wonder 'what the hell was thinking, putting this out there on the one and only Internet.'

A lonely place, one that I can hide in with a handle and nothing else. Hide in plain site, write for myself.

I am so goddamn predictable. Drink too much, listen to the same music, spout the same silliness.

Gaming, that it what I am supposed to....

Gaming, that is where I hide.

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