Monday, December 30, 2013

Pay no attention to the emptiness behind the curtain

So many short games, so little in the queue. What they hell am I going to do in January?


It's pretty.

My first reaction, in a nutshell, to Ryse. This game serves the same purpose on the Xbox One that Shadowfall does on the PS4: to give a glimpse of what can be done later. Ryse misses no opportunity to flaunt the power of the its new home. Environments are huge and call out for exploration. No, no, the game chides, this is a launch title. Much of what you see is under glass. Look at it: it's awesome! Just don't touch. On several occasions I stopped killing barbarians long enough to take it all in. I cannot wait, I said aloud, for a new Elder Scrolls game. Not the online one, mind you, a proper, immersive, lose your life to single player experience.

It's still pretty.

Character models are detailed and expressive. Their limbs also come off at the press of a button. Aside from the main character and a few bosses there are only about six or seven different people. I do not want to think about how many times I killed the same shield wielding fat dude. This is all new, the game laments, it will take time. Look, the combat is pretty good! The combat is good but only if you are satisfied with playing the early portions of the Arkham Asylum games over and over. One button for counter, one for attack, one for cape shield. Repeat until all attackers are dead.

It's really pretty!

It also took me less than five hours to play through. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood took longer. Ryse does a very good job of showing me what I want in the future. I want an opened style western RPG that looks this good but lets me open doors and explore. I want an action game that looks this good with combat that doesn't put me to sleep.

I want Ryse 2, the sequel to Ryse: The Tech Demo, because that it all I got this time around.

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