Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Play more, drink less

Apologies for the previous, now deleted, entry. Four beers in quick succession on my slight frame is not a good idea. In other words, I am a cheap date. Feed me stouts and get ready for a good time.

A quote to kick off more discussion on Assassin's Creed IV:

'Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist that black flag, and begin slitting throats.' - H.L.Mencken.

Every game offers some sort of fantasy, some are just more fantastical than others. This explains the rampant popularity of the Call of Duty series: every guy thinks that he can be soldier. All there is to it is to pick up a gun and shoot guys, right? That's what you do in Call of Duty with the side benefit being that the guy you shoot is living the same fantasy and you just ruined his. Black Flag does this and does it better. You are a bad ass, heavy drinking, ship destroying, no fucks giving pirate. If it stopped there I would have nothing bad to say but this is, after all, as Assassin's Creed game.

This bad ass pirate has had no formal assassin training yet he can out perform all of the actual assassins he runs into. It actually cheapens the assassin's mystique. They are a cult devoted to their way of life and honing their skills and are being outdone by a drunken privateer who stole his set of hidden blades. I thought that Kenway would eventually link up with the assassins but he is still out on his own, being a pirate.

It's a blast and annoying at the same time because the disconnect between the two sides is so stark. One minute I am engaged in a multi-ship battle during a storm complete with water spouts and giant waves and the next I am tailing a soldier from the rooftops instead of killing him and his friends and everyone that looks at me funny while I am doing it. The Assassin's Creed parts of the game just don't feel very piratey and it dilutes the fantasy.


There is a nice little feature that I just discovered in the new Smart Glass application for my phone: it tracks hours played for every game. Killer Instinct has only 44 minutes of play time, something that I almost feel guilty about. Forza 5 is also on the low side at 7 hours, something that I really do feel guilty about. Assassin's Creed IV? 29 hours and I am not done yet. A pirate's life for me, indeed.


  1. At night, Kayla and I will snuggle up in bed, I'll turn on the PS4 and read her the internet. I read her your post, she said "wow," I said "I think that's one of the best things he's ever written," and she agreed.

    (For the record.) I'm not sayin' drink more, I guess I'm just sayin' trust in thyself, Chamberlain.