Thursday, December 19, 2013

Still dead

Funny how I have less time to write on days that I take off of work. Yesterday was assorted banking nonsense, Christmas shopping, climbing and maybe an extra hour of Dead Rising 3 before the usual responsibilities kicked back in. The list of things I should have done and didn't is even longer. Being an adult sucks.

Dead Rising 3 is missing one key element that made the first two enjoyable: humor. It takes itself far, far too seriously. Yes, you can still dress up the protagonist in bizarre outfits, but everything happening around him to dreadfully serious and grey. The first two games focused on the lighter side of the zombie apocalypse. Rotten people got what they deserved and the truly evil went crazy. Then you fought clowns wielding hand held chainsaws and participated in The Running Man crossed with zombies. Now I spend time wandering through a destroyed cities looking for 'unfortunate end' collectibles which are little dioramas of how innocents lost their lives, sometimes via suicide, and it is just pleasant.

So, apart from being depressing, how is it? Crafting has been simplified which is fine with me. I never liked rummaging around for the correct combination of junk to make a rocket powered sledge hammer so walking up to a locker and have one magically appear is welcome. Customized vehicles is an interesting idea but the game showed its hand far too soon with the steam roller/motor cycle. I can find no reason to ever use anything else.

It does like to create thirty second videos for no apparent reason but I can just delete those. Side note: I am using the video sharing feature far less than I thought I would. Just like streaming on the PS4, everyone is posting the same stuff right now because there just isn't much to play. Assuming streaming is eventually possible on the Xbox One I will probably do it, especially when the terrible games come out that no one is going to play but me.

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