Monday, December 23, 2013

Wrong cameo

Dead Rising 3, being the third game in a series by a company notorious for milking certain franchises to death while ignoring others, has two previous games to pull cameos from. One would hope that Frank West would show up, fresh off of his adventures in the Marvel vs Capcom universe. Nope, we get the dude from the second game whose name I have forgotten because he was boring and lifeless. Here's the twist! He's a bad guy, sort of, who is the father of the love interest. No worries, he reforms himself just in time to help our hero through the final encounter.

This last chapter, while certainly entertaining, serves as a prime example of how the game's tone has changed. Hemlock, the evil general, goes even more mad with power and tosses a wheelchair bound woman off a roof. Let me say that again: he snatches a woman out of her wheelchair by the throat and pitches off of a roof to her death. This is right after saying that no man would have her. That's just cold, and perhaps unnecessary. We already knew he was a bad guy, his name was Hemlock for fucks sake.

I should not expect subtlety in a game about zombies.

Dead Rising 3 was still a good game, it was just very different from the first two. More and cooler vehicles in a larger area is good. Crafting becoming useless because of the magic lockers was not. Boss fights were missing almost all of the bull shit I had come to expect which was very good. Smartglass integration was an interesting distraction - calling down an air strike on a city block full of zombies was fun to watch - but it did not add much to the game. A good first attempt and I am excited to see what else can be done with it.

The game also brought to light something that I am not going to like about the new generation: gigantic mandatory patches. I was under the impression that the Xbox One would go out and fetch patches for games. It worked for Forza. Two nights ago when I sat down to play Dead Rising 3 I was faced with a 5+ gig patch to download. I have a feeling that it was preloading some DLC that I was not going to buy. It was not pleasant but it forced me to get a few more races in Forza done so the evening was not a total loss.

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