Tuesday, January 28, 2014


There is a lot of drama surrounding the release of Tomb Raider: better hair modeling so I am totally worth full price edition. The drama comes from video game centered forums and sites so it should be taken with a grain of salt but I do understand, even sympathize, with where it is coming from. Here is the central tenant: for two generations the Microsoft console has been the place to play multiplatform titles. Full stop. Xbox vs PS2 it was the more powerful system. Xbox 360 vs PS3 it was not the more powerful of the two but it was the lead system due to ease of development and Sony never quite recovering from $600 US.

Xbox One vs PS4 is only two months old. All the numbers point to the PS4 being more powerful, easier to develop for and selling more units. Early multiplatform games back this up with Tomb Raider being the most egregious. You can spin the number however  you want, but 60 frames unlocked dipping down to 40 is still better than 30 locked (that still dips below that). Maybe there are good reasons. They were in fact handled by two different developers. Did one just suck? And if so, why was the one that sucked given the Xbox One port?

Simple: for the first time is many years the Microsoft device is no longer the lead console. Remember how bad Skyrim was for the PS3? Xbox One owners may very well have that to look forward to. Many of them, myself included, are just a little butt hurt about this. In spite of my clear leanings towards the 360 I am no platform loyalist. Things are just turning out a little differently than I thought they would. My plan was for the PS4 to be for exclusives, both big and indie, and the Xbox One to be for everything else.

A year from now the exact opposite may be true.

I am spoiled in that I get a choice. Both systems live under my television along with their predecessors. It's not that I don't have a horse in the race, I have all the horses. Old habits die hard, though. My GameFly cue is full of this year's games, all on Xbox One. The one thing left in its favor is that I prefer the Xbox One controller to the DualShock 3. But if I start seeing ports as bad as Skyrim and Bayonetta trust me, I will get used to the stupid light on the front of the controller.

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