Friday, January 3, 2014

I snapped

Last night at approximately 10:30 PM local time I reached the limits of my ability in Gran Turismo 6. Over the course of two tracks, the second of which was the Nurburgring, I went from having a pleasant drive to seething with impotent rage. The Nurburgring is hard. Miss a turn by a few feet and one of your rear wheels falls off the edge of the track and you spin out hard. This example highlights the one conceit made by almost all other modern racing games that Gran Turismo has not acquiesced to:  rewind.

Forza 5 handles it perfectly. Every time you rewind a mistake you lose ten percent of your winnings, assuming that you finish the race. I prefer this to a limited number because it treats it as a learning tool. You can blow a turn, rewind it, blow it again, and keep doing that until you understand what mistake you made and fix it. Gran Turismo is a much harsher mistress. Mistakes are punished without hesitation. It does not care if it the first turn or the last, you are screwed.

I admit it, I have up, which is not good because I have precious little else to play. Battlefield 4 will be started tonight and finished by Monday. Shoot Many Robots was free on XBLA last month and worth playing. Don't Starve will get a night's work and I can guarantee it will annoy the hell out of me.

Welcome to the doldrums.

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