Saturday, January 11, 2014

Killer instructions

My CronusMax arrived on Thursday in a small box that contained the unit and a single sheet of instructions. The instructions did nothing other than point to their website and say that you needed the software installed to update the firmware on the adapter before anything would work. No problem, I am sort of in IT and used to ambiguous instructions. The link in the instructions worked but the download failed, over and over. A post in their forums by a disinterested mod pointed to certain people having issues with virus protection blocking the software. Of a download? It was a zip file. Unlikely.

Google pointed me to a different download site with a new version that worked. I installed it, hooked up the adapter and found that it was already on the latest firmware. Super. Plugged in into the Xbox One along with my arcade stick. No joy. I will skip the next hour of troubleshooting - it wasn't very interesting. The answer finally came from a YouTube video: plug the adapter in without the controller, connect an Xbox One controller to it first then disconnect the controller and plug in what you want to use.

With that bit of nonsense out of the way it was time for play testing. No discernable input lag. If I wanted to remap all of the buttons to different one the software itself is not very difficult to use. More than a single page of useless instructions in the box would be have been helpful but the product itself works as advertised.

As I had heard and not quite believed, Killer Instinct is pretty good. Street Fighter instincts will get you started as almost everyone is far to eager to jump at you from unsafe distances. They won't get you much further than that because single hit punishes do almost no damage. After one night of play I think the trick will be to find short, difficult to break combos, no fifty hit monstrosities. I have gone a bit against type for my starting character and chosen Thunder. He is a bit slow but has a command throw that can be used as an ender and does good damage. If there was a shenanigans character it would be Sabrewulf but I am going to save that silliness for a game that I am less terrible at.

Glacius is Dhalsim, right down to the floaty jump. I played ranked for about two hours last night and never ran into one so he may have to be my other project. Full screen combos just look so cool.

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