Thursday, January 2, 2014

Left a few things out

I am still quite pleased with Gran Turismo 6 but there are a few items that I left out of yesterday's post that need to be talked about to keep things fair. Forza 5 has one huge leg up that cannot be replicated on the previous generation's hardware: opposing driver AI. Racing against drivatars whose behaviour is based on the way your friends drive adds life to the game. It makes offline races feel like online races. The other cars just feel like there are people in them, right down to missing the entrance to a corner and sliding off into a retaining wall.

Gran Turismo 6 is nothing but time trials even when there are other cars on the track. They stick to their racing line so strictly that they might as well be on rails. I do not think that the complicated AI from Forza would be possible without the vaunted 'cloud computing' that Microsoft lists as a bullet point on their Xbox One achievements list. Point for them and delivering on at least one promise.

What Forza 5 doesn't do is let me drive on the mother fucking moon with a moon rover. Take that.

To make this comparison complete I plan on finding a track and car that exist in both games and running them one after the other. I predict that I will be struck by how much better Forza 5 looks that I remember and how much better the Dual Shock 3's analog stick and analog buttons are for driving. Stay tuned for more.


I do plan on writing up just a bit on my worst of the year over the weekend. It was a pretty good year  for games which makes picking the worst more difficult. Aside from the obvious choice of Ride to Hell, that is.


Blogging New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Post most often. No more weekends off.
  2. Proof read my posts. Good god I sounds like an idiot sometimes.
  3. Go back to writing honest to goodness longer form reviews. It has been several years and is going to be painful but I think it will be worth it.
  4. Stream. This will have to wait until it is available on the Xbox One as I don't use the PS4 much.
  5. Stop using the term Xbone. Xbox Juan is still fine.

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