Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Orale vato!

There is something very satisfying about defeating a giant demon by german suplexing meteorites at him. Let that sentence sink in for a moment, as it is one of the less ridiculous things that happened during my play through of Guacamelee. I had my mother verbally harassed by an ancient man-goat. The devil lost a cock fight with a disgraced and deceased charro, something that I really wanted to see and was not explained in nearly enough detail. There were dead mariachi bands and enchiladas with peppers fresh from the underworld. It's insane and very, very good.

Oh, that kind of cock fight.
The final few areas had finger gymnastics that I would not think were possible on a hand held. Double jump to wall (X twice), hold on to wall (hold Y), switch dimensions (R2), double jump to next wall (X twice). Repeat. It was nasty but fair and that was with a Dual Shock 3 in my hands. Curling my mitts around a Vita and doing that is liable to cause arthritis.

There is more to find that I will not go back for and a super secret ending that I already spoiled for myself, plus downloadable content, plus an upcoming Xbox One/PS4 release, none of which I am all that interested in. Call me when Guacamelee 2 comes out, this time starring the ghost of Eddie Guerrero.

Orale indeed.

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