Thursday, January 23, 2014


This January drought is killing me. I don't want to spend more money on games that I am marginally interested in. Guacamelee was certainly worth it but Painkiller Hell & Damnation was not. All of the free games on both systems are games that I have already played or do not want to play. Forza 5 sits on the shelf like an expectant puppy but, having just been bitten by the big ugly dog that was Need for Speed Rivals, I am going to give that species a break for a while.

Even Killer Instinct pissed me off last night. I don't mind losing which is good because I lose almost exactly 50% of the time. It is the post match grandstanding that needs to stop, specifically the tea bagging. Street Fighter 4 vanilla let the winning player get one last hit in after the KO that did not follow the standard juggle rules. This courtesy hit served no purpose other than pissing off your opponent so Capcom did the right thing and took it out. KI give the winner several second of time after the win is recorded. Most people walk over and squat on their victims face.

I want to think that KI has pulled in people who don't normally play fighting games but that would be besides the point. Fighting game players are just as if not more despicable than Call of Duty bro's. The classier ones, of which I would like to think I am even though I unironically play Blanka, take a win as all the gloating we need. I have even started cutting ultra combos short because all they do is give the loser time to disconnect, robbing me of the victory. The need to rub a win in someone's face, especially if the loser was totally outmatched, is something that I do not understand.

It's like taunting in Street Fighter. Unless you are playing Guile and putting on his glasses, just don't do it. Don't be a douchebag. Don't squat on some dudes face because he missed a breaker (or three).

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