Friday, January 17, 2014

Stop protecting me!

No gaming last night, spent a late night at the climbing gym instead.

Funny anecdote: discovered Halestorm via a metal station that I found whilst driving across my state on Wednesday. Good metal, female singer who can growl, it's not bad. Downloaded their second disc via my Windows Music subscription and was dismayed to find that it was the edited version. Pissed off, I switched over to a little Marilyn Manson to sooth my nerves.

It was also the edited version. What the hell.

When the Xbox Music app scanned my computer it grabbed the edited versions of anything with a warning label. I am really not happy about this as the hard drive that held all said music has since gone up in smoke and I have no backup. I am now a slave to this service and they are busy protecting me from androgynous glam rockers who swear a lot, something that I really need to hear now and again.

Lord help me if they managed to find clean Beastie Boys.

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