Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Don't touch it!

Clearly, I have been remiss in posting, but for good reason. I haven't played anything new in about two weeks. I would not go as far as saying it was depressing but sitting down for my evening and not knowing how I was going to spend it is not exactly a great time. Out of desperation I returned to Forza 5 and found that I can only play it for an hour at a time, which is about how long the game takes to start repeating tracks. There are rumblings that the next Forza is a follow up to Horizon. This would be the best news, perhaps ever.

Then there is Killer Instinct.

Deep breath.

I still like KI, a lot, but the last update has had the opposite effect of what was intended. Online ranked play, like just about every other online fighting game, is plagued by rage quitters. Street Fighter is a notable exception to this and I attribute that to the game's age. The only people still playing are those who really enjoy the game and are willing to a lose. KI does not benefit from this. It actually attracts much of the opposite crowd, people new(er) to fighting games who do not understand that getting your ass kicked is, if not a right of passage, then at least part of the learning process.

It probably does not help that I play Thunder exclusively and he has some pretty cheap stuff.

To combat this a jail system was introduced. On paper it sounds like a great idea and I was excited to see what it would do. It says that the first disconnected that puts you above 15% puts you in jail. While in jail you are only matched up against other people in jail. After 24 hours you are let out. Future jailings last longer. If that is actually what it did, I would have no complaints.

Instead, on the first night of the new patch the game freezes to a black screen after joining a match. This has never happened before and my general lack of faith in people leads me to believe that it was somehow intentionally causes by my opponent. All I could do was force the game to quit. No big deal, it was my first disconnect, right? Nope, in jail.

Once in jail there is no penalty for disconnected mid-match, so you can guess how that went. 24 hours later I was let out, played a few games, ran into someone who disconnected before the round even began, and boom, back in jail. Hey Double Helix! This shit doesn't work, and it's infuriating! You have made a great game here and avoided the temptation of early balance patches. *cough*Injustice*cough*

Don't screw it up!


Paid for PS+ yesterday in advance of Outlast. I may play it tonight. I may go to the gym. Such a difficult choice.

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