Friday, February 28, 2014

In is finished!

It is indeed finished. Lightning Returns managed to avoid one of the standard pitfalls of JRPGs: the end game did not suck and the final boss was difficult but not completely unfair. Before I get to that, though, I need to mention the secret dungeon. If you finish forty or more side quests (which is not difficult because what else is there to do with all of the extra time) an extra day is added and the secret dungeon unlocks. This dungeon is just a bosh rush gauntlet filled with omega versions of each of the enemies. Here is the catch: time continues to burn while in battle, something that is completely new. The task is to get to the bottom before the day is done.

I didn't make it. In fact I wasted a good chunk of the day fighting a single monster, but it was fun because there was no penalty for losing. I did earn a good chunk of money and got a new weapon or two so it was worth it. Difficult, optional, but possible.

That trend continued through the final confrontation. Before fighting God there are four side areas to go through. Again, optional, but why not? It is a good thing I did because the reward for completing them was a kick ass weapon and shield which I credit for making the final part of the three stage, fifteen minute boss battle possible. I am not going to spoil anything, suffice to say that it goes from 'oh my god this is never going to end' to 'oh shit, do all the damage right now!' very quickly. Almost died, used most of my items. It was exactly what a final boss should be.

And there was the tear jerker ending filled with undecipherable mysticism and teary goodbyes. Everyone comes back, kills god, and are then reincarnated. If nothing else it means that there is not going to be a Final Fantasy XIII-4. No one is left.

Correction, Caius is still there.

Caius is cool. He is basically Satan now. And since god is dead, he should get his own game.


  1. Sorry about that, though by the time you get back to it you will have forgotten everything, Shouldn't you be playing The Stick of Truth, anyway?