Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One of us is paid...

It looks Yahtzee had the same exact initial experience with Lightning Returns as I did.

...only since he is paid to be snarky and talk fast and I am not paid at all (for this) he made his living and I tried a little harder to meet the game halfway. I think I got the better deal on this one. There is a difference between hating something organically and hating something on purpose. I did not hate the first few hours of Lightning Returns because I knew that I had to complain about something at length in a week. I hated it because I played it wrong. The difference is that I had enough residual affection for the series that I did not want to hate it and gave it another try. Yahtzee played for two hours and took the rest of the week off to come up with bad puns and references that no one outside of the UK gets.

Though if anyone wants to pay me to be snarky and talk fast I am quite willing to enter negotiations.

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