Friday, February 21, 2014

Saving too much time

On my first attempt at Lightning Returns I allowed time to move by far too quickly. An entire in game day was wasted because I did not think to leave the current area and search for more things to do instead of waiting around. My current attempt is trending in the opposite direction: I have three of the main quests done and have just under two days of in game time. At this rate Lightning will finish the main quest and be able to find a spa to chill out in while waiting for the end of the world.

This finality is driven home over and over. Lightning has to check in with god every day at 6:00 AM to see how much time is left. Everyday people know that the end is nigh as well, they just don't act like it. Being alive for 500 years and not aging must take the edge off of just about everything, up to and including the end of all things. The world ends in a week and stores are still open. Anarchy has not taken hold. Each days passes much like the one before it regardless of its distance to the last one.

It is both unbelievable and quite depressing. These are people so tired of living that any change is welcome, even if that change is the end of the world. The only one not tired of living is Lightning, but that is only because she has been asleep for the last five hundred years. She may be an emotionless hard ass but she still has some fight left in her.

I will talk about the combat and its limitations another time. The drop in difficulty from Normal to Easy was significant but there are still odd difficulty spikes. Three different outfits being available feels like it is not enough. Right now I am running balanced (with the default outfit because it looks awesome) all melee and all magic. If I had one more that I could load with nothing but status effects I would be much happier.

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