Monday, February 24, 2014

Toss them!

The final fetch quest is upon me and I feel that Lightning Returns will be wrapped up in the next two or three days. There are so many days left before the apocalypse that I may run around and clean up missed side quests or I may get bored and Lightning sleep away her final hours at an inn. Many of the remaining tasks are nothing more than 'kill a dozen of this' or better yet 'kill all of every kind of enemy.' No thanks.

Last night proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Lightning deserves to be mentioned right alongside other major Final Fantasy characters. The moogles finally showed up. Moogles suck, this is a simple fact. Lightning knows this and agrees to go on a moogle fetch quest anyway. When she finds each lost, frightened moogle she does not just them how to get home. No, she grasps them firmly by the head and throws them as hard as she can into the distance.

How can you not have just a little crush on this character.

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