Friday, March 7, 2014

Bigish fun

I refuse to consider playing Earth Defense Force 2025 as slumming it. It's ugly, repetitive, filled with silly difficulty spikes and comically stingy with achievements, but you are shooting giant bugs and giant-er robots with machine guns and rocket launchers. Things blow up really good. It is also the same exact game as the last one, plus a few more classes that I will never use. It's soldier all the way for me. Two weapons and a ton of hit points.

The simple act of back peddling in the face of hundreds of giant ants, lobbing rockets into the center of their swarming mass, then being showered with limbs and viscera, cannot be beat. There are of course problems, most notably with how the game handles corpses. Giant bugs leave giant bodies, giant bodies that stick around long enough to create unscalable piles or, even worse, bounce directly in front of my rocket launcher just as I am firing. That hurts. It's part of the charm, I suppose: on the normal difficulty I die most often from my own friendly fire.

There is also the small matter of the games length. For what it has to offer it is about twice as long as it needs to be. There are six significantly different classes and the game encourages you to play through will all of them. Playing through means getting through around ninety levels, many of which are recycled from previous ones with more and/or larger enemies. I may end up platooning the game with Thief as the inhabit opposite ends the game gaming spectrum.

Seriously, if a giant ant shows up in Thief I am fucking out.

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