Thursday, March 20, 2014

More than I wanted to see

South Park has been out of my viewing rotation for many, many years. The series peaked within the first few episodes, specifically with the giant satellite dish coming out of Cartman's ass and the aliens talking to the cows. Ok, the movie was good, too:

...I think that was from the movie.

This means that I am missing the vast majority of in jokes hidden inside The Stick of Truth. In the space of the first two hours the only characters I recognize are Cartman, Cartman's Mom and Timmy, though Timmy may be because his song was in one of the Guitar Hero games. I was honestly worried that the game would rely so heavily on callouts to the source material that I just wouldn't enjoy it. On the contrary, instead of nitpicking every little thing and if it is canon or not I can take a high level view of the game. What I see so far is very promising: a traditional RPG that both adheres to and lampoons what makes an RPG an RPG.

For example, during the combat tutorial Cartman chastises to new kid to wait his turn when fighting. 'You take turns!' he yells, 'just like they did in the olden days!'

'That's fuckin' lame' comes the response from your training partner. It is lame, but it is also just about perfect. Turn based combat with timed button presses and a surprising amount of depth. Think Super Mario RPG plus proganity. This is traditional combat, the game knows it, and it never stops making fun of it.

Combat is not the only trope that isn't safe. Just as I would in any RPG I spent most of my first hour wandering around town, opening doors and stealing things. Butters, the only other member of my party so far, wonders aloud when you are going to stop screwing around and get back to the game. And all those unlocked doors? So far there has been a woman doing aerobics (naked), a man masturbating furiously and another man fucking a horse. It's definately South Park.

Edit: It was Rock Band, not Guitar Hero.

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