Monday, March 17, 2014

No more mincing words

I am not sure why I have been so hesitant to say this, but Thief is just a bad game. It isn't a less than stellar sequel, it doesn't just not live up to the previous games, it would be bad if there were no other games named Thief and this was the first one. Taken in context and compared it its older siblings Thief is less of a Thief game than Dishonored was. Hell, playing as Rogue in Skyrim was more fun than what this game has to offer.

Complaints are numerous so I will focus on the worst offender: the bug world (The City) is terrible in almost every way. It is simultaneously too small and difficult to navigate. Sections of the city are broken apart in illogical ways. For example, getting from the northern section to the southern section requires climbing through a window instead of using the street or a goddamn door. I can think of no reason for it to be done this way apart from technical limitations and that does not make it any better. The game doesn't look that good, there is no good reason that the developers couldn't have either hidden the loading screens more creatively or eliminated them altogether.

Having to mash X to open a window when I know full well it is just there is disguise loading is infuriating. We are talking about elevator rides in Mass Effect levels of bull shit here. At least Mass Effect used conversations to break up the silence. All Thief offers is the sound of my controller being beaten to death.

There is more. Some effort was made to have the city run the same way as the levels do: filled with guards. I really don't agree with this choice. This is not a free roaming sandbox, it is a series of linear levels tied together by a single hub. Making the hub just as if not more difficult to traverse as the levels themselves does little more than pad game length. The side quests are hard enough without having to deal with a dozen guards who can communicate with one another telepathically. It breaks up the flow of the game just as much as window portals between streets and killer load times.

There, it's off my chest. Thief is not good. Now it needs to be finished so I can play South Park and get around to being bad at Titanfall.

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