Friday, March 28, 2014

Opinions, opinions, lol

I am not going to say much about Titanall. My opinion of it is stilted and without merit as spending forty five minutes with a multiplayer only game is the equivalent of watching the previews, leaving the theatre and then saying the movie sucked. I will contend that Titanfall's environments are amazingly detailed and it would have been nice to actually get a look at and explore them. The nature of the genre dictates that as soon as one stops to smell the roses one fucking dies. The game could look half as good and no one would notice.

There could have been a great single player game built here and I am disappointed that there wasn't.


Magus is an early contender for worst game of the year. I think it might actually be worse than Ride to Hell.

For example, the character model of the Magus, the main character, is so bad that I laughed out loud when he appeared on the title screen. Check this out:

What is wrong with his face?

I have only put about three hours into the game I have already seen everything there is to see. Environments are drab and repetitive. Combat consists entirely of holding L1 and circle strafing. The UI looks like it was designed to be run at a higher resolution but I do not think the game saw a PC release. And the dialogue is both terrible and pointless. This is a perfect shit storm: shovelware after the end of a generation. I must see it through to the end.

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