Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some of a good idea

Everybody wants Shadow Complex 2. Why? Two reasons. First of all it was a damn fine game. Secondly, Konami still has not gotten around to a proper 1080p sequel to Symphony of the Night. The only explanation I can come up with is that they are allergic to big stacks of money. Or I am an old man and afraid of change.

We aren't going to get a new Symphony of the Night or Shadow Complex 2 because the world in an unfair place. But wait, a Strider reboot? A non-linear, Metroid-vania Strider reboot? Almost. It looks like it is open until you actually try to explore. Quickly you will run into a door you can't open or gap you can't jump. The same is true for all games of this type but the roadblocks show up much more quickly in Strider. On top of that it goes out of its way to tell you where to go next. Don't wander too far, and by the way, this is the way you are supposed to go. It is a linear non-linear game.

All is not lost - the game is still very satisfying. Strider starts out powerful and just gets more powerful as the game progresses. New sword attacks, more options, more daggers, all of which are required as enemies become more numerous and harder to kill. Backtracking is kept interesting by swapping out enemies and giving access to other hidden areas. It's still not open. A better description would be that the game is wide. The path is wide, and more importantly, it's fun.


I started this post yesterday, got busy, finished Strider, and am now too sick to record creative thought. My brain is done for the day. Earth Defense Force will be about all that I can handle.

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