Friday, March 14, 2014

Stole my time

I played Thief for three hours last night and got nothing done. This was not a good getting nothing done like an Elder Scrolls game where each side track led to three more, all of which were worth seeing and doing. No, this was a bad nothing done in which I spent no less than an hour wandering around one section of a level because I could not figure out what to do. When I finally gave up and killed myself to revert to an auto-save it pushed me back so far I don't remember what I looted and what I didn't on the way to where I was stuck.

It was no fun at all.

Add to Thief's sins a very forced and uncomfortable brothel section. You are forced to peek into private rooms in which there are unspeakable things occurring, the worst of which being a rather loud S&M session. And it gets worse - even after you walk away you can still here what is going on, and it loops, and it loops, and it loops. I never want to hear 'HARDER!' again. Ever.

Again I must confess to not having played either of the first Thief games, but this Thief is an unpleasant departure from Deadly Shadows, which was itself much maligned by fans of the originals. Imagine if they had gone ahead with naming the game Thi4f, or whatever ridiculous number name they almost used.

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