Monday, March 3, 2014

Stream time

SCR kept me from actually playing anything this weekend, it spite of the terrible stream quality. Twitch barely works at all on the Xbox One so I was forced to watch at my computer like a technical luddite. Supposedly this will be overhauled when streaming is turned on in March. There will plenty of time to test as my queue is pleasantly full again. Having a few games stacked up next to my television is comforting, though playing them in the order in which they were received will remain a challenge. I want to play Thief but I need to finish Strider and Earth Defense Force, first. At least I know where I will be spending my evenings.

There was an announcement at SCR regarding Ultra Street Fighter 4. It wasn't the one everyone was hoping for but it made a lot of people happy anyway.

An interesting idea. One that I do not know enough about the game to truly appreciate, but it made many of the pro's wet themselves with anticipation. They can play the 'what if' game all they want, and I will watch and try to understand, but at the end of the day I will just play Ultra and be happy with it. I only play one character with any semblance of skill and he hasn't changed all that much. Way back in Vanilla Blanka's horizontal balls were safe on hit. They got worse in AE and 2012 but in Ultra it is (more or less) fixed: hard ball knocks down at any distance. Why would I not play that version.

People can wistfully remember vanilla Sagat or Honda if they want, I will be happy with the new stuff.


Registration for UFGT 10 is open. Should I?

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