Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Titan fear

I am, out of fear, putting off Titanfall. It has been installed and ready to go for over a week. First it was South Park, then I was out of town for a few days and Titanfall doesn't work offline. Last night I 'remembered' that I had yet to play the second chapter of The Walking Dead, Season Two. When that was done I played Killer Instinct instead because there wasn't enough time left before bed to start something new. What exactly I am afraid of?

I am afraid that I will not like it. Online only shooters are just above sports games on my list of things to not bother playing. The only reason it is on my list at all is because I want to use my new shiny Xbox on new shiny things. And if I do like it, hell, if I fall in love with the damn thing, what then? The game has no end and my current backlog is seven games. Game I actually care about like Street Fighter and KI get shafted for time. Do I have space for another?

If I do like it, or at least tolerate it, I am afraid that I am going to be really, really bad at it. Getting hopelessly stomped in a game you are trying to learn is no fun. Case in point, I had three people disconnect from me last night while playing KI in a row. My Thunder is not that good but if he gets rolling and you miss a breaker half your life or more is gone in a flash. Other players have a months worth of time and perks built up in Titanfall and here comes Chamberlain, fresh out of noob school trying to figure out how to aim.

This kind of anxiety is not good for your heart and is why I usually avoid multiplayer anything outside of fighting games. I will commit to one full evening of Titanfall. This equals between two and a half and three hours. Reactions will follow.

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