Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A man of wealth and taste

Lords of Shadow 2 improved significantly as I put more time into it. I adjusted to the soft combat, learned the range of Dracula's whip, and was soon pulling off strings of attacks that would make Dante jealous. Experience was scarce enough that I had to choose which of the weapons to dump points into. I was just barely able to max out the whip and sword before the game ended, leaving the chaos gauntlets untouched and barely used. No big loss: the whip did damage and the sword drained health from enemies. That was plenty to get me through.

The real star of the show ended up being the plot, specifically how Gabriel starts out as Dracula and works his way back, personality wise, to Gabriel again. He's still a vampire, he just isn't out to destroy all of humanity any longer. He and Alucard walk off into the sunset of future downloadable content and a next generation sequel (hopefully).

It is difficult to be more specific without spoiling the plot, suffice to say that I bought into Gabriel's suffering, how he regretted many of his choices and how he blamed God for most of it. Everything he touched became a casualty of either his own evil or other's quests to destroy him and he was tired of it. His change from warring against humanity to taking up arms against Satan is not really a 180, more of a lean from one side to the other.

Gabriel is not good, but he is not evil either. When Satan offers to share the world with him he declines but it is not religious altruism that guides him. He just has no love for Satan.

Who are they going to use as the bad guy for the third game, assuming there is one?


I dipped my toe into The Witch and the Hundred Knight over the weekend and was not exactly pleased with what I found. Nippon Ichi games have always frightened me away on account of their depth and time commitment. I had thought that this one would be different as it is an action RPG instead of turn based.


There are menus in menus in menus. Very little is explained with any depth. Yet the combat is little more than mashing attack while attack numbers completely obscure what you are trying to attack. All the work is in menus (in menus in menus). Excel spreadsheets, the game.

Granted, this was after little more than an hour of tutorials and very late at night. I will try it again but I do not think I have the stamina at my advanced age for this kind of game. Especially when there is stupid fun like Lego: The Hobbit waiting to be played.

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