Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An annulment

The Witch and the Hundred Knight and I parted ways last night. It was not on good terms, irreconcilable difference and all, but I will not disparage it for being what it is. I knew that Nippon Ichi was on the same short list as From Software of developers whose games I acknowledge the quality of but have no patience for. An action RPG was worthing looking at anyway, but no, their brand of fun is not the same as mine. There is a market out there for this kind game; it is small and they might all have body pillow waifus but far it be it from me to give anyone crap for liking what they like.

I played Magus all the way through, my opinion is invalid.

It was an easy decision to stop playing because what I did not like about it was very specific and was not going to change. Combat is both simple and constantly obscured by damage pop ups, and yes, I looked and there was no way to turn it off. Fighting three enemies simultaneously filled up about one quarter of the screen with useless information. This is a holdover from Nippon Ichi's turn based games, and in those they make sense, but here they are a constant annoyance.

Like any other action RPG there is loot to be gathered, equipped and then used to obtain new and better loot, only new equipment cannot be equipped until the end of a level. When the hundred knight finds a new sword instead of using it he eats it. There it sits, in his stomach, alongside other items and all the experience he gains in the level until the area is complete. Dying does not make you vomit up your hoard but this delayed gratification drove me crazy. Part of what keeps a good action RPG moving is the advancement of weapons and armor. Getting a new axe can be the highlight of an otherwise grinding level. Hundred knight does let you actual use anything right away. Its advancement comes in spurts which kills the fun.

'Don't eat the axe, use it!' I would yell. The hundred knight responded with various Pokemon sounds. He didn't care.

For the right person with the right amount of time and tolerance for odd design choices The Witch and the Hundred Knight should be a good investment. Personally I am in the mood for something much more cheap and easy, like a Lego game.

Oh shit, she still wants half my stuff.

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