Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bloody hope

Yaiba has actually not been started yet because the US Postal service is conspiring against me. The past few days have been filled with Killer Instinct and watching old Undertaker matches on Netflix in preparation for his yearly appearance at Wrestlemania. His fight with Lesnar does not excite me. Maybe Lesnar will botch another moonsault. Anything is better than his 'fight' with Goldberg.

Kidding, I would never wish that bad of a botch on anyone.


PS+ continues its dominance over Xbox Live Gold in the area of free games. The only game that has made it out for free since the Xbox One release that I both was interested in and hadn't played was Shoot Many Robots. PS+ has consistently offered quality next generation titles every month and while Mercenary Kings does not quite live up to its Metal Slug crossed with Borderlands hype it is impossible to turn my nose up at a free 2D shooter.

Metal Slug games have always been very tight, difficult, focused games - linear but with branching paths to reward multiple play throughs. Levels had a theme and unique enemies and always ended before they got boring. This is where Mercenary Kings falters: there is a lot of grinding and collecting to be done so far too much time is spent in the same level. I played for two hours last night and am still running around in the same opening jungle area, fighting the same enemies, saving up materials for the same guns.

It has committed the cardinal sin of action games: it has gotten boring.

I really hope that the first area is just small and it is taking so long because I am still learning how the game works. In all other ways it is a gem of a throwback game, like a 16 bit refugee that has spent the past dozen years in the gym. This alone will keep me going but it will not see me through to the end. Big guns and better levels will do that.

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