Saturday, April 5, 2014

Can't stop, too angry

Seventy deaths in sixty minutes.

This was as angry as I have been at a game in a long, long while. Yaiba had come up against Ryu and Ryu was faster, stronger, and he cheated. I swear he cheated. In the beginning I died so quickly that the load time to get back to the last checkpoint lasted longer than my previous life. This boss was relentless. Don't block? You die. Block too much? He has unblockable attacks and you die. Miss a dodge? You die.

I consciously changed my tactics over and over. Sometimes I made progres, others I died even faster. It was only after backing out to main menu, breathing for a while, and starting over that I got past it. This begs the question: why did I put up with this shit from a mediocre game? There is no good reason to take this abuse from any game, much less a bad one.

The reason is simple: it became personal. I knew it was possible but I couldn't see how and I hate not knowing things. So I died more than once a minute for over an hour to a boss in a game that I shouldn't be bothering to play.

If I could apply this same obscene stubbornness to fighting games I might not go 1-2 this year.

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